1914 October, 27 - Dylan Marlais Thomas born at 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Uplands, Swansea
1925 Enters the Swansea Grammar School
1926 Publishes his first poem: The Song Of The Mischievous Dog
1931 Leaves school and becomes junior reporter for The South Wales Daily Post
1932 Leaves The South Wales Daily Post and joins Swansea's Little Theatre Company
1933 First poem published in the New English Weekly: And Death Shall Have No Dominion

First visit to London, where he stays with his sister Nancy and visits editors of literary magazines

First poem published in Poet's Corner of the Sunday Referee: That Sanity Be Kept

Starts a correspondence with Pamela Hansford Johnson

1934 Second visit to London, where he stays with Pamela Hansford Johnson who becomes a benefactor and a friend for life

Takes lodgings in London

Wins Book Prize of the Poet's Corner

December 18 - Publication of his first book: Eighteen Poems

1936 Meets Caitlin Macnamara at the Wheatsheaf Pub

September 10 - Publication of Twenty-Five Poems

1937 April 21 - First broadcast for BBC Radio: Life and the Modern Poet

July 11 - Marries Caitlin Macnamara

1938 August - Moves to Bay View, Laugharne

Participates in "The Modern Muse" with W.H.Auden for BBC Radio

1939 January 30 - Llewellyn Edouard (son) born

Publication of The Map of Love

The World I Breathe published in the United States

1940 Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dog published in Britain and the U.S.
1941 Dylan and Caitlin move back to London

Finds work as script-writer for films with the Strand Film Company

1943 March 3 - Aeronwy Bryn (daughter) born
1945 Awarded The Levinson Prize by Poetry Magazine
1946 Publication of Deaths And Entrances

Selected Writings Of Dylan Thomas published in the U.S.

1947 The Society of Authors awards a scholarship to visit Italy

Dylan and Caitlin travel to Italy; in Florence Dylan writes In Country Sleep

Dylan's new short story Return Journey broadcasted for BBC Radio

1948 Trip to Prague as a guest of the Czechoslovak writers union

Moves back to Wales, where they live in The Boat House, Laugharne

1949 July 24 - Colm Garan (son) born
1950 First lecture tour in the U.S.
1951 In Iran, writing a film script for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company

Writes Lament, Poem On His Birthday, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and the first part of Under Milk Wood

1952 Second lecture tour in the U.S.

Collected Poems published in Britain and the U.S.

1953 Publication of The Doctor And The Devils

Third lecture tour in the United States; first stage performance of Under Milk Wood in New York

October 19 - last public engagement in New York

November 5 - Dylan collapses at the Chelsea Hotel

November 9 - Dylan dies at St Vincent's Hospital, New York

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